Smoked salmon trout stuffed with cheese cream and vegetables on a spinach cake€19.00

Oysters with seaweed By 6€21.00

Lentils with smoked haddock fish, curry and coriander sauce€15.00

Deer pâté with walnut and chestnut, spicy wine jelly€19.00

Raclette cheese and raw ham nems with green salad€16.00

Red cabbage with chicory, cranberries and blue cheese€14.00

Snails€10.50 (by 6)

Snails€18.50 (by 12)

Bun stuffed with smoked salmon trout, scrambled eggs and an egg yolk, dill€20.00

Rice with saffron, chorizo and pork with sweet pepper€22.00

Vegetable soup€11.00

Onion soup€10.50

Green salad, tomato, onion€7.50

Cereals with vegetables and hazelnut, citrus sauce€15.00

Baked lasagna€18.00

Baked vegetarian lasagna€18.00

Pastas with sausage, tomato and coriander sauce, pecorino€20.00

Butternut tajine with honey, bulgur wheat, spices with dried fruits€19.00

Chuck of veal in a meat sauce, mashed potatoes with chestnut€24.00

Chicken breast with shrimps, pineapple, ginger and basmati rice€25.00

Grilled pork ribs with a barbecue sauce, served with French fries€24.00

Grilled beef fillet€30.00

Beef rib (for 1 person, about 500g)€35.00

Sauces- red wine sauce : €3.00
- blue cheese sauce : €3.50
- morels sauce : €5.50
- peppercorn sauce : €3.50

Marrow bone€6.00

DeerburgerPotato fritter with deer, onion jam with berries, morel sauce€27.00

Saddle of lamb with herbs, lamb and whisky juice€29.00

Scallops with pork belly, parsnip and nutmeg cream€34.00

Salmon trout fillet, blood orange sauce€27.00

Cod with a spicy mustard sauce€26.00

Cheese fondue (for 2 people minimum, price per person)€20.50

Cheese and tomato fondue (for 2 people minimum, price per person)€21.00

Cheese and mushroom fondue (for 2 people minimum, price per person)€22.00

Cured meat€6.50

TartiflettePotatoes, bacon, Reblochon cheese, onions and cream, oven baked€19.50

Petit RamoneurHot melted cheese, cured meat and warm potatoes€25.00

BerthoudCured meat and warm potatoes served with a small fondue of Abondance cheese€25.00

Raclette (for 2 people minimum, price per person)Raclette served with cured meat and warm potatoes€26.00

Pierrade (for 2 people minimum, price per person)A hot stone served with a platter of beef, chicken and veal, French fries and salad€27.00

Puff pastry stuffed with melted Reblochon cheese, potatoes, cured meat€25.00

Cheese plate (included in the set menu €38)€9.00

Fromage frais, plain or with red fruits and coulis (included in the set menu €38)€6.00

Almond cake with a blueberry and white chocolate mousse, blueberry jelly heart (included in the set menu €38)€8.00

Creamy rice pudding with almond milk, creamy caramel, caramelized hazelnut, lime zest (vegan)€9.00

Almond and peanut biscuit with a chocolate mousse, praline and peanut cream€10.00

Honey and rosemary sponge cake, nougat mousse, apricot cream€9.50

Rhubarb "crème brûlée"€9.00

Coffee "gourmand"Expresso served with a taste of our house dessert€11.00

Tea "gourmand"€12.00

Coffee OR Chocolate OR Caramel liégeoisCoffee or chocolate or caramel ice cream with coffee or chocolate or caramel sauce, whipped cream€8.50

Coupe des bois2 scoops of ice cream, red fruits, coulis and whipped cream€8.50

Banana SplitStrawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, banana fruit, chocolate sauce and whipped cream€8.50

Dame Blanche2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream€8.50

Mont blanc2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chestnut cream, whipped cream€9.00

Coupe ChaudanneCoconut and vanilla ice cream, banana, coconut, chocolate sauce, whipped cream€9.50

Colonel2 scoops of lemon sorbet, vodka€9.00

Williamine2 scoops of pear sorbet, pear alcohol€9.00

Abricotine2 scoops of apricot sorbet, apricot alcohol€9.00

After eight2 scoops of mint-chocolate ice cream, mint liqueur, chocolate sauce€9.00

Ecossaise2 scoops of vanillaice cream, whisky€9.00

Coupe des Iles2 scoops of coconut ice cream, white rhum, chocolate sauce€9.00

Coupe Savoyarde2 scoops of Genepy ice cream, Genepy€9.00

Coupe Italienne2 scoops of limoncello ice cream, limoncello€9.00

FlavoursIce cream : Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Rhum-raisin, Mint-chocolate, Pistachio, Genepy, Coconut, Caramel, White chocolate
Sorbet : Lemon, Strawberry, Pear, Blackcurrant, Passion, Apricot
1 scoop : €3.50 2 scoops : €6.00 3 scoops : €8.00 Whipped cream : €1

LE GOURMANDRaclette cheese and ham nems with green salad
Deer pâté with walnut and chestnut, spicy wine jelly
Vegetable soup
Salmon Trout fillet, blood orange sauce
Chuck of veal in a meat sauce, mashed potatoes and chestnut
Cheese board Or White chocolate and blueberry mousse Or 2 scoops of ice cream

KID'S MENUPork ribs served with French fries
Fish fillet with French fries or vegetables
Baked Lasagna
Brownie or ice cream

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