Beef cheek pâté, tomato jam with lemon thyme€17.00

Mackerel rillettes, potato salad, caper and mustard sauce, almond crumble€18.00

Burrata cheese with truffle, candied tomato and pesto€17.00

Milk and goat cheese with whipped egg white, cheese and almonds€17.00

Raclette cheese and raw ham nems with green salad€15.00

Snails€9.50 (by 6)

Snails€17.50 (by 12)

Salade "Fraicheur"Cereals with avocado, grapefruit, ginger, citrus sauce€14.00

Creamy polenta with mushrooms€15.00

Baked lasagna€17.00

Baked vegetarian lasagna€17.00

Pastas with seashell, dill and saffron€23.00

Thaï curry with peas, basmati rice, with cardamom and ginger€18.00

Pork "cigaline" with spices€23.00

Veal tartar served with French fries€25.00

Grilled pork ribs with a barbecue sauce, served with French fries€24.00

Grilled beef fillet€29.00

Beef rib (for 1 person, about 500g)€34.00

Sauces- red wine sauce : €3.00
- blue cheese sauce : €3.50
- morels sauce : €5.50
- peppercorn sauce : €3.50

Marrow bone€3.00

VealburgerPotato fritter with thin slices of veal, smoked ham, onion jam, morel sauce€25.00

Turbot with a shallot and cider sauce€29.00

Salmon trout fillet, polenta with candied tomato and pecorino€26.00

Hake served with aromatic herbs crust€26.00

Cheese fondue (for 2 people minimum, price per person)€18.00

Cheese and tomato fondue (for 2 people minimum, price per person)€18.50

Cheese and mushroom fondue (for 2 people minimum, price per person)€19.50

Cured meat€6.00

TartiflettePotatoes, bacon, Reblochon cheese, onions and cream, oven baked€17.50

Petit RamoneurHot melted cheese, cured meat and warm potatoes€23.00

BerthoudCured meat and warm potatoes served with a small fondue of Abondance cheese€23.00

Raclette (for 2 people minimum, price per person)Raclette served with cured meat and warm potatoes€25.00

Pierrade (for 2 people minimum, price per person)A hot stone served with a platter of beef, chicken and veal, French fries and salad€26.00

Cheese plate (included in the set menu €35)€8.50

Fromage frais, plain or with red fruits and coulis (included in the set menu €35)€5.50

Strawberry soup with a scoop of mango ice cream (included in the set menu €35)€8.00

Royal Poire - ChocolatAlmond biscuit with a dark chocolate mousse and caramelized pears€9.00

Entremet pistaches-framboisesAlmond biscuit with white chocolate and pistachio mousse, raspberry pieces€9.00

Rhubarb "crème brûlée"€8.50

Coffee "gourmand"Expresso served with a taste of our house dessert€10.00

Tea "gourmand"€11.00

Coffee OR Chocolate OR Caramel liégeoisCoffee or chocolate or caramel ice cream with coffee or chocolate or caramel sauce, whipped cream€8.00

Coupe des bois2 scoops of ice cream, red fruits, coulis and whipped cream€8.00

Banana SplitStrawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, banana fruit, chocolate sauce and whipped cream€8.00

Dame Blanche2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream€8.00

Mont blanc2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chestnut cream, whipped cream€8.50

Coupe ChaudanneCoconut and vanilla ice cream, banana, coconut, chocolate sauce, whipped cream€9.00

Colonel2 scoops of lemon sorbet, vodka€8.50

Williamine2 scoops of pear sorbet, pear alcohol€8.50

Abricotine2 scoops of apricot sorbet, apricot alcohol€8.50

After eight2 scoops of mint-chocolate ice cream, mint liqueur, chocolate sauce€8.50

Ecossaise2 scoops of vanillaice cream, whisky€8.50

Coupe des Iles2 scoops of coconut ice cream, white rhum, chocolate sauce€8.50

Coupe Savoyarde2 scoops of Genepy ice cream, Genepy€8.50

Coupe Italienne2 scoops of limoncello ice cream, limoncello€8.50

FlavoursIce cream : Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Rhum-raisin, Mint-chocolate, Pistachio, Genepy, Coconut, Caramel, White chocolate
Sorbet : Lemon, Strawberry, Pear, Blackcurrant, Passion, Apricot
1 scoop : €3.00 2 scoops : €5.00 3 scoops : €7.00 Cream : €1

DAILY MENUlunchtimes, except the week-end

Dish of the day
Cheese or dessert

LE GOURMANDRaclette cheese and ham nems with green salad
Beef cheek pâté, tomato jam with lemon thyme
Salmon Trout fillet, polenta with candied tomato and pecorino
Pork "Cigaline" with spices
Cheese Or Strawberry soup Or Dessert of the day

KID'S MENUPork ribs served with French fries
Fish fillet with French fries or vegetables
Baked Lasagna
Brownie or ice cream

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